Company Securities Exchange Announcements

2021 ASX Announcements

Notice of Annual General Meeting/ Proxy Form (16/11/21)

US DoD Travelan Clinical Update (15/11/21)

Jobkeeper Payment Notification (11/11/21)

US DoD Naval Medical Research Center Clinical Update (10/11/21)

Notification regarding unquoted securities - IMC (5/11/21)

Application for quotation of securities - IMC (5/11/21)

Immuron filed XBRL data with the SEC (3/11/21)

Form 20-F filed with the SEC (29/10/21)

Amended Appendix 3H (27/10/21)

Notification of cessation of securities - IMC (26/10/21)

Change in substantial holding (20/10/21)

Change in substantial holding (15/10/21)

IMM124E Demonstrates Antiviral T-Cell Immunity (8/10/21)

Appendix 4G (30/09/21)

Corporate Governance Statement (30/09/21)

Annual Report to Shareholders (30/09/21)

Director Resignation - Peter Anastasiou (24/09/21)

Reinstatement to Official Quotation (23/9/21)

Immuron Planned Acquisition of R&D Vaccine Company (23/9/21)

Preliminary Final Report (31/08/21)

Market Update (07/07/21)

Market Update (8/06/21)

Change in Substantial Holding (3/06/21)

Suspension from Official Quotation (31/05/21)

Trading Halt (27/05/21)

Pause in Trading (27/05/21)

Change in Substantial Holding (20/05/21)

IMM124E May Offer New Modality for Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 (13/05/21)

Half Yearly Reports and Accounts (25/02/21)

Change of Director's Notice (9/02/21)

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