Colostrum is the first milk a cow gives after its young is born. It contains a high concentration of antibodies. Bovine colostrum has an unusually high concentration of Immunoglobulin G because, unlike humans who receive most immunity across the placenta, this milk product provides all the immunoglobulin for the first week of the calf’s life.

Immuron's antibodies are harvested from the first post-partum milking of dairy cattle that have been immunized with Immuron's proprietary vaccines of choice. The cows are immunized before calving, and monitored to assure, amongst other things, vaccine immunogenicity. Primary bovine colostrum from these cattle has a naturally high concentration of immunoglobulins including immunoglobulins specific to the vaccine antigen we have used.

Produced under rigorous dairy industry standards and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) protocols, our hyper-immune colostrum is freeze dried, resulting in a powder that can be packed as tablets, caplets, capsules, bulk dry powders or individual sachets for point of care reconstitution, or in combination with other active ingredients.

All of Immuron’s hyper-immune colostrum is subject to stringent quality testing and is produced under the oversight of an independent government-registered animal ethics committee.  Immuron’s commercial process yields an export-grade certified dairy ingredient product that is registered by DairySafe Victoria for domestic and export use, and meets Good Manufacturing Practice standards including microbiological safety standards for export as a dairy food and for use as a pharmaceutical product ingredient.                                                                                   

Immuron’s entire dairy-derived product is 100% natural. It is 100% BSE free (as is the case with all Australian and New Zealand dairy derived products), Kosher, Halal and not genetically modified in any way. This allows the company to export into all other countries under dairy food ingredient import regulations.

Immuron has significant Intellectual Property covering collection, handling and processing of its raw materials