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About Immuron 

Immuron Ltd is a publicly listed Australian biopharmaceutical company focused on oral immunotherapy products for humans. Immuron has a unique and versatile technology platform that is capable of generating a wide range of products, all with a high safety profile.

The versatility of Immuron’s platform technology enables the development of medicines that target a large range of medical needs, including infectious diseases, immune mediated disorders and cancers. The versatility is also a function of the dairy origin of Immuron’s antibodies, which enables Immuron to commercialize its platform derived products through a range of regulatory pathways, including prescription (Rx), medical foods, over-the-counter medicines and also dietary supplements.

This high safety profile and all-natural composition of Immuron’s platform derived products confers on Immuron a significant competitive advantage and also allows Immuron to accelerate its product development.

Immuron has one marketed product and a pipeline of products at various stages of clinical and earlier development. Immuron’s marketed product, Travelan®, is for the prevention of travellers’ diarrhoea. It is licensed in Australia, Canada and sold as a dietary supplement in the USA.

Company Background

Immuron has developed a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant production system that produces hyperimmune bovine colostrum powder (BCP) suitable for use as pharmaceuticals. This production system is the result of a significant body of know-how that Immuron developed over the years and is reflected in its standard operating protocols as well as aspects of the production system that are patented. The production system is capable of producing and has in fact already generated many tonnes of hyper-immune bovine colostrum powder. These large amounts of BCP can be generated within approximately 4 months.

Since the Company’s inception, a considerable amount of work has led both to a greater understanding of the science underpinning the products and to optimization of the technology platform.

In 2009 the Company entered into a collaboration with the Hadassah Medical Center Israel, through Hadasit Medical Research Services and Development Limited, Hadassah’s commercialisation company. Through Hadassah’s broad ranging expertise Immuron is now also focused a range of chronic diseases such as liver disease, diabetes and other large target markets.

Through its partnership with Hadassah, Immuron also significantly bolstered its research and development capabilities. The Company has direct access to the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant clinical trials unit at Hadassah Medical Center as well as its animal model laboratories. The team at Hadassah has already established clinical proof of concept for Immuron product candidate that targets Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH).