Immuron CEO interviewed on the RedChip Money Report, USA

10 October 2018

Immuron CEO - Dr Jerry Kanellos interviewed on the Red Chip Money Report, USA. Immuron: Developing Innovative Immunotherapy Therapies for Gut-Mediated Diseases

No crap: Immuron is one step closer to an anti-gastro pill

16 July 2018

In January, Immuron (ASX:IMC) released a study of its Travelan tablets by the DOD which showed its was effective in preventing travellers diarrhoea in 180 strains of campylobacter.

Big Pharma is watching as Immuron edges towards trial results

26 June 2018

There’s no arguing against the ‘breast is best’ mantra at long-standing Melbourne based biotech Immuron, which bases its therapeutics on the goodness of colostrum (the antibody-rich milk produced by mammals after birth).

Immuron reduces liver inflammation

2 March 2018

Immuron Limited (ASX: IMC) said results of its IMM-124E phase II Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) clinical study were positive. Results demonstrate excellent safety and tolerability; statistically significant reduction in serum endotoxin/liposaccharid

How Do You Recruit Patients Unaware Of Their Disease?

1 March 2018

Immuron’s anti-NASH drug is IMM-124E, a colostrum-based compound. Colostrum is the first secretion (milk) from the mammary glands of cows post birth. Colostrum tends to be high in antibodies, although Immuron uses a very specific kind of colostrum achieve