Biotech Daily: Dr Boreham’s Crucible: Immuron

10 May 2024

Immuron is in the throes of multiple clinical trials to prove the efficacy of Travelan against specific diarrhoea-inducing pathogens.

The Watchlist: Immuron's Travelan sales growth, clinical pipeline achievements and upcoming milestones!

26 April 2024

CEO Steve Lydeamore provides an update on Travelan's exponential growth!

Immuron marks surge in Travelan® sales on eve of entry into US via Walmart.com

10 April 2024

Immuron Ltd (NASDAQ:IMRN, ASX:IMC), a biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Australia, says sales of its immune supplement Travelan® have soared.

Guarding Gut Health on the Go: The Travelan® Advantage

10 April 2024

The Not Old Better Show, Art of Living Interview Series. Today's episode takes us on a fascinating journey through the landscape of travel health, an essential yet often overlooked aspect of our adventures abroad.